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Car diagnostic tools information by obd2tool

Welcome to my blog,here some auto diagnostic tools will be displayed. If you want to know more information,you can visit our official website:


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The blog of OBD2 TOOL


09/12/2020 11:08
Launch X431 V+ is full system auto diagnostic scan tool which is the update version of  X431 V Pro. It support  all systems diagnostics, ecu coding, key programming,resetting services,active test (Bi-directional control) and more. Is it worth to buy one? Let’s check the reviews of...

How Launch X431 V+ X431 PRO3 wins maxgo, snap on scanners, OTC

09/12/2020 11:05
Got this Launch X431 V+ package days ago and it is in a good condition, all OBD stuff and the device packed in a protective case. Device is made well and multi-function with a legible touch screen. X431 pro3 wins snap on scanners, OTC and maxgo: I come from a family of mechanics I personally...

FIAT Viaggio 2012 Seatbelt ReminderAlert Activation by Launch X431

08/25/2020 18:05
This instruction show you guide how to use Launch X431 to activate seatbelt reminder for FIAT Viaggio. Before running the car, the vehicle opens a seatbelt alerting function for passengers, ensure the car safety.For more Fiat repair,please check here:FIAT Trouble Repair What You Need? Launch...

How to do Actuation Test by Launch Thinkcar Thinkdiag

08/25/2020 17:57
Step by step to use Launch Thinkcar Thinkdiag to do Actuation Test. 1. Plug Thinkdiag into the obd2 port of car, hear the beeps and see the green indicator light indicating that is connected. We have the engine on for the car. 2. Select “All systems full function” 3. Going to scan the vehicle’s...

Possible to use Digiprog 3 v4.94 for Porsche Cayman odometer correction

08/11/2020 10:12
Possible to use Digiprog 3 v4.94 for Porsche Cayman odometer correction? Yes. Here is the Cayman with chip types confirmed to work: Porsche Cayman 93C86 Porsche Cayman MCU 35P08 Porsche Cayman 2010 95640 Porsche Cayenne Diag In detail… Porsche Cayman 93C86 Note Tacho Meter Value Dismantle...

Digiprog 3 Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Odometer Correction Car List and Wiring

08/11/2020 10:04
Digiprog3 v4.94 odometer correction tool possibilities on Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge: Chrysler odometer correction using Digiprog 3: Chrysler (Plymouth) Prowler Chrysler 300 HC12 Programming Via Micro Chrysler 300M Chrysler 300c Chrysler 300c HC12 Chrysler All Models Chrysler All...


06/15/2020 21:06
Here I list the download link of the ODIS software. There are a few statements below. 1: Some software has not been tested, the security cannot be guaranteed, obd2tool blog does not take any responsibility, please know. 2: These links are searched on Google, is only...


06/15/2020 21:03
New OEM Orange 5 Plus clone has been released at It comes with software v1.35 and adds more functions than Orange 5. Check what’s new of this Auto ECU Programmer and learn the installation guide.   Orange 5 Plus vs. Orange 5 Clone:   Orange 5 Plus Orange...

Newest 2020.05 Version BMW ICOM NEXT A +B + C,ICOM A2,A3+B+C Software Released

06/02/2020 12:08
V2020.05 Newest Version Software ISTA-D ISTA 4.22.32 ISTA-P with Engineer Programming   It works on BMW ICOM NEXT,BMW ICOM A2+B+C,BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D.   Software Version : V2020.05 ISTA – D: 4.22.32,with SDP Programming Database 4.22.32 ISTA – P: with Engineer...

2014 Toyota“Fault Code”C1515 “Torque sensor zero adjustment is not complete” Operation method

06/02/2020 12:01
Test car model: Function Instruction: EMPSECU、Steering wheel、Tilt the steering column.、The steering column gear assembly and so on, if replaced, the direction does not help. Instrument PS warning Light, X – 431 reads to the fault code C1515 – torque sensor zero adjustment unfinished – current –...
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